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Issue 03

ISSUE 03 - Spring 2004

features interviews with:
Skid Row
Ky Anto
Hardcore Superstar
Enuff Z'Nuff
40ft Ringo

Hardcore Superstar
Hardcore Superstar
Described as 'Supersuckers for the Guns & Roses / Janes Addiction generation', Sweden's Hardcore Superstar are the perfect remedy for those of you out there crying out for a glam splattered fix of sleazy hard rock. Formed in Gothenburg back in 1998 the band were personally invited that same year to tour with metal gods Motorhead before jumping at the chance to open up in front of over 50,000 screaming rock fans in their home city with rock legends AC/DC. Now with the release of their third full length album 'No Regrets' a solid collection of LA sleaze fused with 70's Brit punk rock, the band are out on their own and setting Europe alight with some scarily infectious songs and a blistering live show. Hardcore Superstar drummer Adde was happy to speak to TrashPit about this latest trek across Europe, jaw dropping support slots, their long standing admiration of Hanoi Rocks and how classic British rock music is where it's at! 

Could you bring us up to date with what the band has been up to since the release of the album last year?
We've just been touring. We're pretty big in Sweden so we released the album over there and we've been playing as much as we can. This European tour has been an easy one this time. The two other times we've been out much longer, the first was like thirty six dates and the second was seven weeks - imagine ten guys in a bus for seven weeks! We're now gonna maybe aim to do festivals this summer and we're going to America too and that's the first time for us. It's cool for us because we have three dates over there, the first in New York, the second in Austin, Texas and the third one is The Troubadour in Los Angeles which is gonna be great - but jet lag beyond belief! We're playing with Entombed and a Swedish band called User.

The Hardcore Superstar sound falls easily into the Glam rock scene but brings in qualities from 70’s glitter rock, like T-Rex and The Sweet. What other music do you draw inspiration from?
On the last record we were really influenced by the punk scene and we even brought a vinyl player into the studio to get inspiration from all the old punk records we hadn't listened to for years. We listened to a lot of The Clash, The Jam and we're all heavily into The Who, we really love them and the characters they had in the band. Then there's Hanoi Rocks and Motley Crue, that's were the Glam thing comes in. I think bands like Hanoi Rocks had similar problems to what we have, we're both glam rock and punk rockers - one foot in the Pistols and the other in something like UFO! We've also been doing a few shows with Mike Monroe and anytime we're in Finland we always call him up and go 'Hey Mike, you wanna come and do some Alice Cooper tunes?' And he comes down on his bicycle wearing his leopard skin pants, he's great! 

You've had the opportunity to perform live with some quite different bands such as AC/DC and Motorhead. How well does your musical style cross over with the audiences of these bands?
The good thing about Motorhead fans is that they're really hard, tough and only into Motorhead but Lemmy was such a cool guy because he went out in one of the rock magazines and voted our album 'Record of the Year' so everywhere we went people would come up to us and go 'You guys are cool because Lemmy says you're cool!'

Hardcore Superstar

Are there any bands you'd really like to tour with?
I'm a huge fan of The Stranglers and it would be great to tour with Hanoi Rocks who we've spoke about maybe going to Japan with. It'd just be cool to tour and open up for a really big band like Aerosmith just to play big venues. It used to be AC/DC but we got the chance to play with them in Sweden in front of 56,000 people and in Italy something like 80,000! One of the shows was in our home city, Gothenburg and it was really cool because the arena is right in the city where I live. So when I woke up and ate my breakfast in my apartment I could sit and hear the drum technician soundcheck the bass drum! I was like 'Oh man, I'm going to be playing down there at eight o'clock tonight!' It wasn't until we were in Italy when we met AC/DC. They told us to stay in our dressing room after our show, and ten minutes after our gig there was a knock on the door and the whole band comes in all ready to go on stage. They were really nice guys and they didn't have to do that after all these years, it was great!

How were you exposed to rock music originally?
My big brother played me AC/DC 'Back in Black' when I was five years old and I can actually remember how the music got me for the first time, it was 'Hell's Bells' from that album. When we got to play with them I told the guy who made the gig happen who booked us 'You don't know how much this means to me!'

When the band first got together, where you fairly unique or part of a new scene at the time?
Sweden and Finland have never really let go of the Glam scene, maybe because Hanoi Rocks were so huge over there. There are still guys wearing make up and I guess for us we've always been a Glam rock band pretty much all the time. Jocke, our singer actually told me to start playing drums when I was like twelve years old so we've always been a band together. I went to the States for a year to study for a while but when I got back we just got back together and started playing again. I'd rented an apartment in Los Angeles just behind Mann's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. I used to live on the twelfth floor and if you buy postcards from the theatre you can see my apartment in the background - it was easy to look me up when I was in the States!

Hardcore Superstar

Do you find any main differences between England and Sweden or playing abroad in general?
Just the language really. When you've not been in England or America for a while the first couple of days are kind of hard to get into the language again because you stumble and mix up words. But when it comes to the music we've always said that Hardcore Superstar have always been going for that British sound because we feel it is mostly better than the American scene, you've got all the great bands coming from England. Every time we go in to do a record we always tell the producer, we don't want that big American sound, we want a raw and nasty British sound!

The album 'No Regrets' is out now on Music For Nations.
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