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Dear Superstar

While the rest of the band were busy sound checking, I sat back stage at Rock City with the heavily drugged up (medicinal!!) Micky Satiar to find out how he is coping with the heavy tour schedule, his thoughts on friends back home, how he feels about supporting legends of his favourite genre, and what colour your shit is after drinking port?
He offered me a drink from a bottle of vodka with added ‘Fishermans Friends’…..
And we started talking…..

Dear Superstar

This last year has been incredible, touring, record contracts, amazing new album and help by major players. How have your lives changed?

We've all been in bands before, and they were all just training camps to what Dear Superstar is. We're just five lads who have so much passion for their music that we have a complete never surrender attitude. The only way to make it in a band is to live it, that is how our lives have changed. We don’t just live our lives in a band, the band is our lives. We have got that close to each other that the only people we care about are the other four band members around us. We've been on the road solid for the last year and have lost count of the number of shows we've done. We'nve developed a un-shatterable self-belief.

What have been the highlights to a year on the road?

Supporting Bullet For My Valentine in Finland was a major achievement for us. We'd toured there previously so we had a good fan base waiting for us when we returned with Bullet. Also because we have are close to Bullet, (we recorded our album “Heartless” in the same studio they rehearse in and they helped out on one of our tracks “”) we would often end up getting pissed with them every night after the gigs! Selling out the Manchester Academy was also good as that's our hometown and to get the recognition by our friends at home is very nice.

When you go back home after so long away what is it like for you and the people who are your friends?

As far as people back home, we live a completely different life style to them and they don’t understand what we're doing. A lot of my mates refuse to believe that we are getting bigger and the ones who are ignorant to the rock scene just don’t understand. When we played our first headlining tour we were playing to 200 people every night and when we took some of our mates on tour they saw it how we saw it. It is good to get away from this all though as we live in each other’s shit so much that we need to get away form it too.

What do you miss about being at home when you are on the road?

I have a two-year-old daughter, and as I have been out on tour for so long, sometimes it can be a strain. I've missed her walking and talking, but everything I'm doing now is for her and the pay off will be worth it. Hopefully she'll understand when she's older.

Dear Superstar

You have been signed up by TRASHPIT friends DEMOLITION, how does it feel to be on the same label as so many rock stars?

They are the only genuine label, that really do give a shit about the music. When we came out of our first meeting with them we all had huge grins on our faces. We all grew up on a un-healthy diet of RATT, Hanoi, Skid Row…we all grew up in the 80's and to be sat backstage talking to Andy McCoy while he’s tuning his guitar up is so unreal.

After playing so many shows in such a relatively short time, what do you expect the Dear Superstar fans to see when you go onstage?

We put everything into our live shows, we don’t think about tomorrow, or last night, it’s just about what’s going on that stage. We're a new band and have a lot to prove. We get out there and bold as brass tell them how it’s going to be. If we don’t come off stage battered and bruised then we haven’t done our jobs right. I came out of hospital today after being rushed in with a severe kidney and bowel infection and I’m still fuckin here. I'll be onstage shitting blood to prove myself!

In the style of “Dear jimmy, could you please fix it for me”, what would your “Dear Superstar” letter say?

I guess it would be “Dear Motley Crue, please let us join you on CrueFest !!!” The line up on there is just awesome and we feel that there isn’t a band on there that we couldn’t go toe to toe with. We find it really hard to find bands in the UK that can match us like those bands. In the states they have Avenged Sevenfold, Buckcherry, Atreyu and Motley Crue and these are the bands that we pitch ourselves with. The most suitable tour we have done yet is with Hanoi Rocks as they are leaders of our genre.

It’s the night after Hallowe'en, how did you spend your trick or treat night?

Dear Superstar

I was shacked up on a drip being fed antibiotics, I fell ill a week ago and it culminated with me going into hospital a day before the tour kicked off. To have all this in jeopardy through an illness was heart wrenching. I was struggling to walk yesterday and doubted that I could do this. The rest of the band have been amazing and helped get me through it. I’m on a lot of very strong painkillers and i’m just about to go and throw myself around the stage. It will probably kill me, but if it doesn’t I'll be doing it again tomorrow!! And the day after and the day after…

In all the press, you're all called the 'Lewd, rude tattooed port drinking rock stars' - what’s the story behind all the ink and drink?

I have “” on my chest and our drummer is a tattooist, so when we're in the hotel room he sets up and we all get inked. He did some on me backstage at Jillys Rockworld and the others have had some done too.  The port drinking is not rock n roll to people who aren’t educated in the ways. I hunted down all the drinks that helped my voice and port is the best one. Because I buy a few bottles at a time and it's always around in the dressing rooms or backstage somewhere, the rest of the band just pick it up and drink from it. So it’s become our drink of choice now…and it gets you absolutely fucked without much of a hang over, but you do get jet-black shit!
We try not to drink much before a gig, but when you’re sat around all day and there is a fridge full of beer in the dressing room, it’s hard not to drink all day everyday.

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nterview by Andy Nutter

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