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Pearl’s music is straight from the heart pure rock n roll at it's best. Drawing her influences from The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, early Aerosmith and Lynyrd Skynyrd to create a soulful blend of 70's style true emotion and balls out blues-rock. The overall sound is a classic backdrop of smoke filled bars n' blues played out with ease onto arena venues with crowd pleasing timeless sing-along songs of love, heartache and pain.


Fronted by Pearl Aday, daughter of legendary bat out of hell rocker, Meatloaf. Pearl learnt her trade from her dad as a backing singer to his touring band for many years before singing with Motley Crue on the Motley Crue, Megadeth and Anthrax tour in 2000, where she met her fiancé of 4 years now, Anthrax’s very own, Scott Ian. Together they create such an amazing contrasting sound with his heavy approach, musical history and ice cool attitude and her husky and sweet vocals laid bare over sultry future classics.

They open up the set with the riff laden 'Rock Child' which is a fists in the air declaration of Pearl's roots and immediately wins over the hearts of the near sell out Nottingham arena crowd. 'Love Pyre' is next and then the bluesy heartfelt overdriven rockers that are 'Mama' and 'Worth Defending'. Pearl struts about the stage as if she owns it, which after a whole life of touring, she does. Scott Ian stands further back than most Anthrax fans will have seen him before, but as the songs build to a crescendo, he adopts his familiar legs wide, axe low and nodding head stature complete with stomping feet and crazed grin. He obviously loves the looser structure of this style of music, which allows him to appreciate the atmosphere that it creates, but he really shines when he pounces towards the edge of the stage and starts his own mini-mosh.
They then play 'With Love' and 'Nobody' with its bass and drums rolling in and out of the song like a twisted spine showing it's agony, before the crunching guitars and the "I need help, I need faith, I need hope, I need praise…I need you, I’m in hell, I’m in pain. But nobody comes through" displays even more of its despair.

They end the set with a faithful cover of 'Nutbush City Limits' that has most of the arena to it's feet clapping and singing along. Pearl's dad had a hard act to follow!


After the show and the seemingly endless autograph queue, I get escorted back stage through a maze of lifts, black out curtains and corridors to the dressing rooms. Scott Ian is lining up a beer for himself and asks if I will join him…my life is complete !!…And Pearl, who is eating some of the band rider chocolate cake, but I don’t get offered any! We set up the recorder and take a seat, Pearl on her own chair, legs crossed beneath her, looking excited, while Scott sits next to me and looks intimidating (probably because I’ve wanted to meet him since I was 12!!!)

You've spent your life around my musical idols and heroes…who would you like to meet and who do you still get star struck by?

Pearl: Bonnie Raitt. I am totally starstruck by her, but also I have to say Slash makes me feel starstruck too, although we're good friends, he's just so cool. I’ve been a good friend with Nikki Sixx for about eight years but every now and then I have to pinch myself and I go WOW!!! I’m getting text messages from him…holy shit, it's like I’m 12 again! There are a lot of dead people who I would be starstruck by…Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix. But if I could meet anybody in history it would be Martin Luther King.

Your music is very classic rock, almost ignoring the fashion based trends that are driving the hype market of rock music today. Do you feel any pressure to conform to this to make a quick sale?


Pearl:I’ve had no pressure to change the style of my music and if I did I wouldn’t, it would sound stupid and plastic if I did. For me music has to come from a real place and to me it feels like with modern music the soul has been sucked out, and it's up to us to put it back!!! Real rock n roll !! Real instruments, no tracking, no digital backing, no bullshit!! What you see on stage is what you get, what a concept !!! I believe that people always come back to real rock n roll. My mother told me that there's a difference between hip and cool. Hip, is passing, and cool, is timeless. What is hip is gone with the fashion but people throughout the ages can relate to what is cool. It has to come from your gut, all the way down other wise it doesn’t weigh anything.

Scott Ian is a hero of mine with the Anthrax 'Attack of the killer Bs' album being a soundtrack to my school years. How does it feel to have such a celebrity couple at the front of this band and how do you work together?

Pearl: (laughing at my ever nervous voice) Ha, that’s why you’re freaking out! Sitting next to Scott eh?

Yeah, pass another beer Scott....

Pearl: Are we a celebrity couple?

To me…yeah !! (Now flush with embarrassment too)


Pearl: (laughing more) Okay, well, for us it's great. We've both been married before and now we’ve found each other. We met on the road during the Motley Crue tour and since then we’ve been inseparable. We both know what it's like to be on the road and we both 'get each other'. But also there are lots of factors that make it work, saving money on hotels when touring for a start! And he works his ass of for me and I couldn’t appreciate him more.

You've toured with some amazing bands, you're the daughter of a world famous rock star and you're engaged to Scott Ian ….are there any downsides to being Pearl Aday?

Pearl: I wish I had more hair!

Okay, I asked for that!! But what about this tour, how does it differ from headlining smaller venues to opening up sell out arenas?

Pearl: We opened for Velvet Revolver in March and that was a totally different audience to tonights, it's harder work for me in front of a Meatloaf audience and it can be a struggle to prove myself too. Meatloaf fans are hardcore they don’t want to see anyone else, they’re like 'Fuck you'. Last night we played in Liverpool to an all ages audience and there were a lot of bratty kids in the front row just wanting to shout obscenities in-between each song. It was like they had Tourettes Syndrome or something. At the end of one song some kid shouted 'Fuck your mom' so I had to stare a few of them down but they were all okay by the end.


I feel more comfortable at a big arena though as I've always done that since being a backing singer for my dad. I know how the stage feels and the how the mic's sound. I couldn’t just stand and play at any venue. As a performer it's my job to perform and entertain the audience. I was taught from an early age that to be up on stage and get a spotlight on you is a privilege, just think how many people want to get on stage and perform? And how many people actually get the chance, it isn’t a right, so when you get up there you pay attention to the audience and give them what they want. A lot of 'rockstars' have forgot how to do that.

Then Scott got the call that Pearl was due on stage very soon to close Meatloaf's set with 'Bat Out Of Hell'. So after a couple of sneaky photos of Pearl, Scott and myself, I was ushered back through the maze of curtains and security and left to my own devices by the stage wing. What a fantastic night !!

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Words and Pictures by Andy Nutter

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