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Vains of Jenna
Vains of Jenna
Just two years ago the members of Swedish Rock band Vains of Jenna were sleeping rough in a beaten out car on the streets of London trying to get any gig they could. Who would have thought that in such a short space of time the band would have been whisked off to Hollywood and become one of the saviours of the new breed of hard rock that is clawing it's way out of the gutters and back into the mainstream. With Tuff frontman Stevie Rachelle and MTV's Bam Margera seeing the potential and taking the band under their wings, along with a lot of sweat blood and tears from the band, Vains of Jenna have toured the USA countless times and scored a coveted summer tour support with their heroes Poison! It truely is a rock and roll fairytale and TrashPit was keen to catch up with bassist JP White to see how things were working out.

What's currently happening in the world of Vains of Jenna? Everything going good?
Everything’s fine man!! We have been home in L.A since December last year and basically lived in the rehearsal room writing new material for the next album. We have played some local shows but the main focus right now is the new record.

Vains of Jenna

You've recently done a 'Sold Out' show at The Viper Rooms with The Donnas. Did you know them prior to the gig?
Yeah we’re good friends. First time we meet them was at the Viper Room last year when they had their release party for their latest album ‘Bitchin’. We started to talk after the show and it turns out that they are big fans of Vains Of Jenna and since then we’ve been killing beers together out on the bars. I’ve been a huge Donnas fan since 2002 so I was pretty exited about the show we got do with them.

The band have been over in the US for about two years now. It's gonna be hard to sum it all up with everything that you've done but what have been some of the coolest things about your time over there? Has it really been a whirlwind rock n roll ride?

Vains of Jenna

Yeah so far it’s been a pretty crazy ride. There’s been a lot of cool shit happening in the last two years. We’ve meet a lot of rock n roll heroes and played shows with a lot of them too. Of course one of the best parts was when we got signed and the album hit the stores and when our song ‘Don’t give a damn’ became the theme song for ‘Bams Unholy Union’ on MTV! I think the coolest thing so far though was when we went on the road with Poison and Ratt last summer playing 50 Amphitheatre shows all over the US.

The Poison Tour must have been huge - was that everything you hoped it would be or was it harder work and an eye opening experience?
It was definitely huge and a great experience for us. We were living the dream and it was definitely everything we hoped it to be. You know, all the food you can eat, free drinks, great stage, great sound, great backstage area, sound check everyday, beautiful girls, tour bus, people working for you. All that good stuff. But you also see everything else behind that, it’s a big business, a lot of rules and in the end it’s all about the money which sucks. But for us though for the most part it was a rolling music festival and I think everyone in the band had the best time of their lives.

Vains of Jenna

Is there much new material being written? 'Enemy In Me' was a great introduction to the next batch of tunes. What are your recording plans at the moment?
There’s a lot of new stuff written and we’re still working on new songs. The plan is to enter the studio in June.

The Sunset Strip rock scene has always held onto it Rock roots from the 80's but have you seen it embrace you guys even more over the past year or so?
Maybe, it’s definitely a new wave of rock n roll coming up. When we first got here two years ago it was fucking dead. It was pretty much the 80’s leftovers that played on the clubs around West Hollywood. Now you see more rock kids on the streets and more rock bands are starting to pop up all over the place which is nice.

Which other places in the US do you enjoy visiting?
New York and Chicago are probably my two favourite cities in the whole country. Texas is always fun though, especially Houston and Dallas.

What bands are you enjoying listening to right now?

Vains of Jenna

It’s a lot of different music at the moment. Everything from Avenged Sevenfold, Black Tide, Kris Kristofferson, Muse, Fleetwood Mac and Amy Winehouse are some of the artists that I listen to almost everyday.

As a bassist who have been some of your biggest influences?
Duff (GnR), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Steve Harris (Iron Maiden). Robbie Crane (Ratt) taught me a lot of stuff on the Poison and Ratt tour too, he’s a great bass player.

When we gonna see you guys back over in Europe and are you missing Sweden?
We’ll be back in Europe later this year and hopefully tour all over the place. I don’t really miss Sweden, the only thing I really miss is all my friends and family that live there.

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