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AntiProduct - A Talk with A. Product
You can't keep a good man down!! Only days into a US Tour, AntiProduct frontman A. Product found himself struck down with a mystery skin condition that doctors simply couldn't explain. This led to the cancellation of the whole tour and subsequent UK Dates which were planned for this month. Have no fear though as events such as this only seem to make the singer and his band stronger and hungrier than ever before!! Upon their return the band will be almost set to unleash upon the world their monstrous new CD which could quite simply be the biggest sounding, most rock n roll album EVER! You have been warned!

So how have these past weeks been with you being struck down with this mystery illness - any news? Are you on the mend?
Well, hopefully by the time everyone reads this I'll be better but at the mo I make myself sick right now. Open fuckin' boils everywhere! Itching like a dog in a pound, open 'blisters on me fingers.' Tasty! I hate it. It fuckin sucks...balls...a lot! And it itches and itches. Nuts! No one has been able to tell me what it is either. The last doctor said I have three things attacking me at once. Hooray! I win.

It must have been the hardest thing for you to pull the shows. Was it your decision in the end or where the band saying "Look you gotta get this thing sorted"?
Kinda everyone said it, including the Club Owners, when they saw me. "Dude, you sure you should be playing?" or "Hey, just don't hug me." I called 'Our People' and everyone was like "You've done a week of gigs like this? You're an idiot.”


How had the shows been up to that point?
Awesome! Same AP reaction we can get wherever we play pretty much. There's footage of the band on Rock 'N' Roll TV which rules!

The new line-up looks killer - how'd you hook up with everyone?
It was either me or jail time and they all chose the harsher punishment!

Is this likely to be the band on the UK tour or will you be hooking back up with Milena and Chris?
Oh, that's a tough one. I love Milena and everything she brings to the band and I don't want to seem disrespectful to anyone else but Mile rules! Chris is a genius and pretty busy right now with the Eureka Machines (gahh, my fingers are fuckin burning!!!) but stranger things have happened. Stitch (Dangerous) is playing bass for us now and he is an absolute God of Rock. I'd blow him if I had a taste for cock!

You must be excited to be finally coming close to releasing a new album - it's been a long time.....
Nah, I'm too anal. I'm more like. "Oh I still need to overdub the 65th guitar part on the chorus and I think I can re-re-re-sing that verse better," So parting is sweet sorrow. Eventually, ya just gotta let these things go and learn to swim though like guppies or sperm. The thing rules, never has an album sounded like this before. Ever!


What have been some of the best experiences with the recording you've had? Was there any kind of blueprint or plan or was the plan to 'have no plan'? That seems more of an AntiProduct approach when it comes to music?
We knew the tracks we were gonna record as early as last summer. I also knew the players I wanted on the LP. The first album was all me with help from Robin Guy and Chris Dale. They were, and are, awesome and among the best players I've ever worked with. The second LP was more of a metal/rock lp that had a 'live' line up. We still used an outside bass player for that named Anthony Esposito. He's in Ace Frehley's band now. On this, it was, of course, gonna be me and Clare and Mili but I wanted some fresh energy from the rhythm section so we got the legendary Chris Catalyst playing bass and doing some singing (he plays and writes everything better than everyone and sings better than anyone other than his folks rule) and Jamie Oliver from Lars Fredrikson and the UK Subs. He never gets to play double kick metal style with those guys so we just said, "Punk Intensity but metal riffs...especially in the pop tunes!" and he just beat it up.

What have you learnt the most from spending so much time back in the USA - have you missed it, or perhaps missed the UK?
People talk funny over here and everyone has plastic surgery.

On your American tour at the end of last year - which places do you have fond memories of and how did you see audiences change in different areas?
Once I figured out what hotel they were staying in I'd say I watched them change everynight, several times! Everywhere was great and we just stole it but Chicago was cool and I remember Jonny and Staci having to wipe shit of the walls of their hotel room or something?


Any particular views on LA and 'celebrities' over there?
Whatever! I'd fuck Angelina Jolie for sure even if she wasn't blowing Brad Pitt.

Have any bands impressed you in the past year either live or on recording?
Just, met a guy here at the ASCAP Expo who's got a thing called Brilliant Million that's very awesome - Jeff Buckley / Muse but more pop. I'm old fashioned though, I always go back to MSI.

What can we expect from the next chapter of AntiProduct?
Bad skin, disease, gig cancellations, depression, hopefully suicide and the release of an AMAZING fucking legacy making LP that will feed my Grandkids had I lived long enough to have children. Why?

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