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Following a steller return to the Hard Rock elite just a couple of years ago with their album 'Born Again', eighties rock legends Warrant have once again blasted back with another chapter in their impressive history. Reuniting with original singer Jani Lane after a huge hiatus the band now boast their original line up from the bands first three classic albums and are all set to return this summer with a huge US Tour including a headlining appearance at this year's Rocklahoma Festival. TrashPit tracked down guitarist and founding member Erik Turner to find out just how things were working out.

So how does it feel to be on the edge of a whole new chapter in Warrant History? Does it seem like everything has come full circle?
It feels slowly but surely! I wish we could just go out and play already, but planning a tour properly takes time. I'm learning to be patient. Ha ha!


How did everything come about with Jani getting back in the band? Had it been on the cards for a while or totally out of the blue?
Long story short, I called him after over three years of not speaking and said 'Hello'. From there we got some legal issues settled and after that started talking about the possibilities of getting the original Down Boys back together. It feels natural to have us all back together. We've been through so much good and bad together - mostly good for sure.

Are you rehearsing at the moment?
We have written together a little. It feels like one big meeting right now with new management, booking agency, PR, web design, photo shoots, new gear and golfing! We will start rehearsing once we get closer to playing live.


'Born Again' was a real positive return for Warrant that really brought the band back strong. Do you think there'll be any chance of that material in the new set or is it getting to the point where there's too much stuff to choose from now?
Thanks, we are proud of that CD and all of our CD's! We'll only be playing songs from the first three CD's though. The albums that all the original members were a part of.

Are you writing many new songs or is the reunion / tour the priority and you just see where it goes from there?
We have a couple new songs bouncing around. Our plan is to get a tour under our belt before doing a new CD. We do have a new DVD in the works filled with vintage Warrant footage. Jerry is in his dungeon, acting like a mad scientist working on that!


You're making a triumphant return to Rocklahoma, this time at night for the full show. What are you looking forward to about that?
The vibe should be amazing at night under the stars with full production. Last year was great and we are stoked to be invited back!

Any bands you're excited about seeing on this years lineup? Personally I think Trixter could surprise a lot of people and Extreme are going to be slick as hell!
It will be great to see those bands as well as Black n Blue. Looks like a great line up for a great rock n roll party!

Do you think there's any possibility of European dates or do we need to book our plane tickets?
We don't get across the pond very often as you know, you might want to check those Air Miles and come on over! That said some offers are coming in, it looks more promising than ever. Long Live The Euro Rockers!


What new music are you listening to right now?
I really like the last TCC CD!! Not really listening to new stuff, I'm going back and listening to the first three WARRANT albums a lot and trying to figure out what we should play live? You and anybody reading this can go to our site and tell us what you/they want to hear this tour!

There's talk of an intimate Sunset Strip show at some point - that'd be off the scale! When were you last out there and how is it returning to Hollywood these days? Do you have endless memories flooding back or do you see it as a totally different place now?
That's what I keep hearing too! Nothing planned at the moment but stay tuned. It will probably be invitation only and a few freebies for fans with a first come first serve deal only. It'll be some kind of a private show for music industry, friends, family and fans - a small club setting. Most of our band meetings take place in Beverly Hills and Hollywood lately so there are a ton of memories that come to mind driving down Sunset - Sex, booze, blood and a hell of a lot of rock n roll!

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