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Staci Grim

Staci Grim quickly made a name for himself as a 'hired gun' in Wednesday 13, but now the Texas based rocker is back to his own show. Chad Bergersen dragged Staci away from the writing of his new album to chat all things music, tours and Mario.

Staci Grim

For those that aren't quite familiar with you, how would you describe yourself? Both personally and musically?
I don't even understand myself! Ha ha. But seriously very outgoing and most of all just love to have fun. Especially musically, I love just touring the world and causing chaos everywhere!

There are so many different sub genre's of music around today, but I have trouble putting you into any specific category.
How would you best describe the sound that you've developed?
Haha, honestly I do too. I get that question a lot and my reply is always, "It's all Rock n Roll to me".

You currently reside in Texas. What is the music scene like there for you?
It's very different. I have bigger and more successful shows out of Texas rather than in my home state, pretty crazy. I tend to not perform to much here because there just isn't much demand for it here. I'd rather travel out of the state and give people the kinds of shows they crave for.

I've seen a few different bands in Australia with similar styles to you, and most unfortunately are stuck in an up hill struggle to make any headway in the industry here. On your last tour, did you find that the popularity of Staci Grim varied in different areas? Where do you have the biggest following?
Oh definitely. And it happens like that for every band the only thing different is the scale. I may draw 400 on the East coast but middle America around 50.
Same goes for bigger bands as well. Kiss may do 30,000 in New York and 3,000 in Kansas. Just how it goes haha

You've toured with bands like Wednesday 13 and AntiProduct, by continuing your work as a solo artist as well, was that your way of trying to avoid the 'hired gun' persona? Or were you always concentrated on continuing with your own music?
I have always loved performing in other bands. It lets people see how versatile I am and I also make new friends/fans in a whole new world. The backside is exactly what you mentioned, people begin not taking my band as serious so now I only focus on my music. I want people to hear what I'm doing and it seems like it is catching on. Shows are definitely getting bigger and better.

Staci Grim

The tour with Wednesday 13 opened so many people up to you and brought you to the attention of a much broader audience. Was that something that was noticeable on your end at the time?
Oh yeah, I mean as soon as it was posted, twenty minutes later I had seventy pages of Friend Requests. It was insane! I am very thankful I got to do that and help boast my career. There is also a downside, everyone "loved" me when I was in Wednesday 13, as soon as I was out, those EXACT same people loved the "new guy" in the band. Guess that is how it goes, right?

How did that come about? You playing for Wednesday?
I had known Racci for a little while and we had some crazy nights together and when the position was offered he told me to shoot for it (not knowing I already planned on it haha). I sent in a video audition and got a call back and it was all done from there.

What exactly does a typical day in the life of Staci Grim consist of?
Wow, it all depends could be binge drinking, could be just hanging out writing music, or could be anything to do with Wii and Mario haha. I try to make every hour of the day count.

You seem to slowly be conquering the US, have you set your sights overseas yet? And where exactly would you be looking to venture?
I would love to go overseas, WOULD LOVE TOO!! It's just most people don't realize all that is involved in doing something like that. I definitely will be out there sometime and feel there is a lot of demand for me to jet out that way. If I could venture anywhere it would be literally EVERYWHERE!

Staci Grim

The album, 'Kill Off Your Loved Ones', can be perceived as a very serious and angry sort of  punk rock, but everyone has a sensitive side. What are some
guilty pleasures that you enjoy?
'Kill Off Your Loved Ones' is the most personal album I have ever written. It is even hard for me to listen to some of the songs sometimes. I think to myself "I'm letting the world hear this!?! This is me with no walls up whatsoever, what was I thinking?!" So I generally try to lighten the mood, especially during live shows, by making jokes and acting stupid to try and maintain a good balance of serious and fun. As far as guilty pleasures, I've been listening to Foo Fighters non-stop lately! Also a lot of music I used to HATE such as, Bring Me The Horizon and Does It Offend You, Yeah?.

Many artists these days believe that the internet is a curse, and internet piracy is becoming somewhat of an international pandemic. What's your stance on the use of the internet in today's music business?
It's a double edged sword for sure. Yeah it does suck but shit, I wouldn't be where I am at today without it. There is definitely more pros then cons.

Now that you've toured for the album, are there plans for new music in the works for Staci Grim?
I'm currently writing some new material for the upcoming album. I'm really happy with how the new songs are evolving. I can't wait for people to hear them. Right now they are just in demo states. I already have the album title picked out but I can't just leak that yet ;)

Staci Grim
You have a new tour coming together for early next year, I just want to wish you the best of luck with it, and was wondering if there are any surprises awaiting your fans? Can you reveal any plans this far in advance?
Me and the rest of the band are really pushing the limits on this run. Our fans expect a good show and now we are going to give them a even greater one. I expect a lot of blood and a few broken bones before this tour ends. Also in Spring, I have a little trick up my sleeve ;)
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