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Danger Danger

To say that TrashPit is excited about a brand new Danger Danger album is something of an understatement! Here is a band that produced some of the finest melodic Hard Rock albums 'back in the day' but have since continued to deliver solid CD's chock full or great power pop and hard edged tunes. This Autumn sees the band return with a brand new album, 'Revolve', and promise of some solid touring in support! The good news just keeps on coming! TrashPit was delighted to catch up with bassist and producer Bruno Ravel to get the scoop on everything from the Danger Danger camp - and he didn't let up!

Danger Danger

First off, it's so cool to have the band back with a brand new album set for release! You've been performing with this line up for sometime but it's taken several years for a new album to arrive - what was the reason it took so long?
Number One - EVERYTHING with this band takes forever and a day! It's not easy! First of all there's our well documented and sorted history with Ted (Poley) so we had to work out a deal for this album where we'd all be happy. It didn't delay the process of making this record, but it was something we had to settle before starting. Then second, there's Mr. West. He's on his own clock and has his own agenda so for better or for worse, he's the main reason that things take forever with this band. The fans will have to decide if it was worth the wait.

What is the recording process in the band today - is it everyone in the studio at once or do you use email to pass parts back and forth?
The recording process is pretty simple these days. First Steve and I write the songs and I start to demo them. I program a simple drumbeat to drive the song, lay down scratch guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals. Once the songs are where we like 'em then we start to replace everything. Steve lays down the real drums and then I lay down the bass, some guitars, keys, etc. Then we fly Rob (Marcello) in to do his guitars. After all that, I send the stuff to Ted. He practices at home, then he comes in and sings. Finally it's background vocals, all the guitar solos and add in various parts with either keyboardss and extra guitars. Once all that's done I spend countless hours editing and cleaning - then I mix.

Danger Danger

On 'Cockroach' both Ted and Paul handled the songs but with slightly different styles. Today, do you find yourself writing differently knowing it'll be just Ted singing the songs?
Absolutely. When writing for this album, I tried to focus on Ted's strengths as a vocalist. I find that when he sings too high, his voice gets thin sounding and when he sings in a lower range, he sounds like he's trying too hard. He has a 'sweet spot' in his range, which is somewhere in the middle and I tried to make sure the melodies were in that range so he could really push a lot of air. That's when he sounds the best. Also, Ted has a sweet sounding voice which lends itself more towards the melodic side of what we do rather than the harder, heavier side, so we tried to lean more towards the pop and melodic stuff when writing and selecting the songs for 'Revolve'.

What is the songwriting relationship between you and Steve these days - do you still work in a similar way to that which you've always done?
Yes and No. We still basically write the same way except on this record I had to take more control of things because Steve was driving me mad! ;) Most of the songs were brand new, ideas that we bounced off each other and then there were a couple older songs that I took lyrics from and re-wrote musically - riff, melody, beat - everything. Then when Steve heard what I did and he spruced up some of the lyrics. He really pushed our relationship to the brink and back, but we're okay now - I think?! ;)

Danger Danger

Bowling For Soup's Jaret Reddick appears on the new CD - how did this collaboration come about? Was it a direct response to Bowling For Soup's Danger Danger reference on their song '99 Biker Friends'? Did you colaborate in the studio or over the internet.... surely a Bowling For Soup / Danger Danger Tour would be a winner!
I guess because of the Danger Danger reference on '99 Biker Friends' Steve became friends but you'll have to ask him for the details. When we started recording background vocals, Steve asked me if we should get him on the record. I said "Sure!" Steve called him and he was stoked! We swapped files over the net, and it worked out great! You're right though, Danger Danger and Bowling For Soup WOULD be an awesome tour!! (hint, hint)

For me Danger Danger were one of the few bands that genuinely evolved during the Nineties and over the last ten years - growing from an AOR infused Rock Band into a great Power Pop Band. This seemed a logical step for bands from the Hard Rock genre, moving in a similar vein to what Butch Walker did, changing with the times but without it sounding forced but very few acts seemed to pick up on it? Does it surprise you that not many other bands seemed to do this?

Danger Danger

Thanks! For our artistic sanity we try to evolve as writers and musicians and at the same, we are VERY aware of what our fans expect of us, so we walk the 'fine line'. Without sounding too pretentious, I'm not surprised that other bands haven't evolved musically. What we do is not easy. Steve and I always strive to do better, to BE better than most. We feel that we haven't received our fair due as writers and musicians but we have no control over that and I guess it is a bit late for a major comeback, no?!

Are there any bands that you feel did make a solid transition and continue to put out great new records or is it hard for acts to do that these days?
I don't follow a lot of the other bands, but I guess Bon Jovi would be one band that fits that description. It is hard to make that 'transition', because most of the time, the fans won't let the band grow. They want the band to keep recording the same stuff over and over. It's the nature of the beast.

How was the Rocklahoma experience this year? Had you followed the progress of the festival since it began in 2007?
Rocklahoma was - okay. I was really pumped to play that show but it simply was way too damn hot and it ruined the experience for me. Honestly? I couldn't wait for our set to end because I was melting. It was 110 degrees in the shade! The after show was very cool though. Saw many old friends, met all the great fans and watched some of the other bands when it got a little cooler. I didn't follow the previous years of the show other than to see who was playing. I'd love to do it again...INDOORS!

Danger Danger

Are there any new or current bands that you are enjoying or perhaps would like to colaborate with at some point?
New bands? Hmm? There aren't many I follow, but I really dig Paramore, Katy Perry, One Republic and Lesley Roy I tend to follow songwriters and producers more than artists because most artists don't write their own shit anymore. I'd love to work with Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, Mutt or Kara Dioguardi - I could go on and on....

Other than Danger Danger is there anything else you've been working on - either from a songwriter / producer / performance angle and how important is the performance aspect of music to you these days? Do you still get that same buzz?
Always working on stuff but I'll only talk about it when it's worth talking about and there's nothing to report as of now. As far as performing and the buzz? Well, I'll admit, it's getting harder and harder to 'get up' for shows these days because I don't perform all that much and I am getting older, BUT, having said that... I always enjoy playing live and feeling the energy of the crowd. Nothing can replace that!

Danger Danger

Anything else you'd like to add or shout about?
Please support the scene, go to the shows and BUY the records even if you downloaded them because if you don't, there'll be no new music to listen to! ROCK ON!

The new Danger Danger album 'Revolve' is OUT NOW!!

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