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Wednesday 13

Wednesday 13 is a striking character, painted in top quality skin art portraying a love for horror movies and the darker side of life, face hidden under a deathly black mass of semi dreaded hair and a swagger that makes his entrance to a room look like a scene from a Ouija-board-botherer’s dream come true. But the fact is that this is not a show, in fact what you see is what you get, he doesn’t pretend to be something he is not (unlike many so called alternative types who go home and take off the white mask to become Johnny Average again until the next outing). And he doesn’t think that the Goth scene that he is so closely linked in with, is all about doom and gloom, actually, he advocates something called ‘having fun’??

Wednesday 13

Can I ask you about your life, where you feel you fit in, and which person you are? Joseph Poole, Wednesday or Buck Bourbon?

I always wanted to be different, but I am what you see. In that I don’t go home and change into blue jeans and a shirt straight after the show. This is me. Also, I am whoever you know me as, if you meet me and know me as Wednesday, then that’s my name, don’t decide to call me Joseph the next time you see me, cos I fuckin hate that.

Having grown up around the fashions and trends in music and popular culture of the Eighties, what was it that made you choose to become who you are today and what was your first music memory?

I remember seeing KISS when I was really young and just thinking WOW, I wanna be a rock star. One day I was playing with my GI Joe and the next, I was trying to copy Paul Stanley. It really was just like that! So I started playing guitar when I was twelve and saw Alice Cooper around the same time, that’s when I discovered the possibilities of theatrics and shock, along with the flame throwing guitars and blood spitting of KISS. I absolutely love 80s horror movies too and feel they mix within this genre so well. The blood spitting, the gore and the loud guitars!!

How was growing up in a Southern US state during your formative years?

The people from where I grew up are the coolest people there are, they would do anything for me. When I was younger and before they had seen someone like me, they probably thought I was weird, but they just see me as me now, and don’t even think that I am different to them. I still live near to where I grew up. I love the area and the people. And it allows me to be me too.

Wednesday 13

Do you live a ‘normal’ life when not on tour and back at home with your wife and daughter?

Well, it’s not normal like a nine to five, or normal like my parent's life but because I am out on tour a lot, or in the studio, I am away from home a lot. I don’t really get to spend that much time at home to live a ‘normal’ life. Also I try to keep my daughter away from a lot of the things involved in my life, so in this industry you live separate lives in many ways.

Since the early nineties, you have been involved in the shock rock scene in many different guises, where do you feel most comfortable? In new bands such as your days with Maniac Spider Trash, as a guitarist and front man alongside other high profile names such as Joey Jordison and Acey Slade in The Murderdolls or as the main guy in a band with your name Wednesday13?

In Maniac Spider Trash it was great to have the hunger of a new band, rehearsing in a garage and living for the moment. The Murderdolls had a different vibe as we were all more established in our own right, but there was a gang feel within that group. It felt very much that we, especially me and Joey were in a gang together during those times. With Wednesday13 it is all about me, and that is great, you have no one else to consider when writing a song. I don’t need to ask anyone for permission to do something. If I write something and the band doesn’t like it...they’re out !! (Laughs with a playful but murderous smile)

And what about your other alter ego, the South of the border whiskey swilling Buck Bourbon in Bourbon Crow?
Wednesday 13

With Bourbon Crow I can sing about things that wouldn’t necessarily fit within a Wednesday13 or Murderdolls song. It’s another outlet for my creativity and it’s all about hanging back and having fun. Bourbon Crow is a great release for me.

A year ago you were involved in a serious car crash, what effect did this have on your life and has it changed you in any way?

That crash really did change my life, I very nearly died. Because of how I was living, I was defiantly heading for something. Something had to give and it was to be the crash. It made me clean up my act a lot, I stopped living how I was living and I started to drink less. At the time it was horrific, but I am glad of it now, looking back it probably saved me from myself to a point.

Good luck with the rest of the tour, I am really looking forward to seeing you live, please tell me what I’m about to witness and what you want me to leave with?

Wednesday 13
Goth is supposed to have a miserable face all of the time, but I want to see smiles. From when we get on stage right until the last note, I will be giving it everything I have. I will be wet through and enjoying every second of it. Towards the end of the set, and definitely the last four or five songs I want it all to be about fun. If we had the money for it, I would love there to be massive pyrotechnics at the close of each show. I want it all to feel like a massive celebration and that everyone leaves smiling and wanting to see more.

Interview & Live Photos by Andy Nutter

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