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Acey Slade

It was always going to be enevitable that following the break up of his last band TrashLight Vision, it wouldn't be long before songwriter / frontman / guitarist Acey Slade returned with a whole new project. After a brief touring stint with former Murderdolls band mate Wednesday 13, Acey unleashed his brand new project, simply taking his own name as the band's title and releasing a preview EP 'Sex, Murder, Art, Baby!' - a dark and experimental sounding collection of songs that herald in a new era from one of the undergorund genre's most enigmatic figures. TrashPit was excited to once again hook up with Acey to find out all about what's currently happening and what the future holds.

Acey Slade

You're always permanently busy - so with the new EP out to the world what are you working on at the moment? Other than answering this interview of course!

Well..I'm waiting for the blood to dry on a piece of art I just finished. I found a vile of my blood in the refridgerator and found this cool ass frame at a Haitian Voodoo shop and so I put them both to use! It's awesome. It's got these Russian stamps with some anatomy drawings and I threw in some pictures of Bowie, Richy James, Vivian Westwood and Machine Gun Girl. Then I took my blood and wrote the St. Francis prayer on it. Oh, yea.. the new EP - we will be touring with Combichrist here in the US to support it. Then we have a pretty insane UK tour in the works for May. I'm telling you - there is no way this tour WON'T be the biggest party in your town!

How have people taken to the new songs and overal feel? It's quite a transition from TrashLight Vision - dare I say there's a definate 'growth and maturity' in the sound yet it feels like you're really having fun exploring with the new songs even though the sound is somewhat darker and brooding.....

Acey Slade

It seems like they like it. Musically it's a slightly different direction for me, so I'm using the EP's as a way to 're-introduce myself'. Quite frankly, it's been a lot of fun and successful doing it on my own! I know it's fuckin' awesome so...whatever. I just wanted to create some music that if I were out at a club doing hard drugs and trying to get laid, I would want to listen to, yet at the same time, something that had some redemption to it - some hope. Life is too short to be a wallflower and this is dark pop music for people who are not mainstream. So, if some people don't like it, then I've accomplished my goal in a way.

For anyone out there who is enjoying the new songs and want to delve a little deeper into that 'genre' who could they check out.... I'm just trying to find a creative way to ask if there was a particular artist / band that inspired the new songs!

Wow! My CD collection is so vast, but for this project I honed in on some J-Rock bands like D'espairsRay, Post Punk that has a groove like Blondie, The Crow Soundtrack, New NIN is awesome, some 80's stuff like Duran Duran or Japan (the band..not the J rock stuff), the new UNKLE album is great. I mean, they had QOTSA and Ian Astbury on it - how can you go wrong? And, um the Hollywood Squares episode with Alice Cooper!

Is the EP a fair representation of were you're taking things or will there be some songs reminiscent and 'chaotic' like in TrashLight Vision on the full album?

No, this is a whole differnt thing. I mean, there is a some chaos but this is a bit more vast. The beauty to being solo is that I might make a record like TLV again, or I may make something even more pop. But I won't go country, that's for sure.

How is it all translating live and can we expect some songs from your ever expanding back catalogue in the show?

Acey Slade

Well I feel spent when I'm done so it's going good! Loads of girls show up and stay around to meet us after, that's a good sign. As for the old stuff, we were just talking about that at rehearsal maybe doing something old. It's a tough call as I want people to have a great time, but I also think this has it's own legs. We will see. But for now, no.

The demise of TrashLight Vision was a big shock, particularly in the UK.... was that a hard decision to end the band? What will you take from your time with TLV and look on most fondly?

It wasn't really my decision to end it. TLV was a 'band'. When we switched drummers it was a much needed change, but once one other guy split - that was it for me. It was easy to decide, 'Yes, this is done.' But the void in my life that was there took a long time to fill. We were like the little engine that could - always be huffing along saying, 'I think we can, I think we can..' And our fans saying, 'I know you can!'. That is what I will take with me. The loyalty from the fans. That's also why I needed to end it when I did. It would have been dishonest to continue. Like GnR or something.

You were recently asked to have your image and stage moves based on one of the characters in the new edition of the Rock Band computer game. How did that involvement come about... that must have been pretty cool? Where'd they hear about you?

I forget how that came about, ha, was pretty weird..playing air guitar in a tight black suit with all these cameras on you. I guess that's why they chose me! I had a lot of experiece with that, ha,ha...

So does this mean we'll soon be seeing Acey Slade Action Figures and other Rock Band inspired memorabilia?!!

Well they are talking about a skateboard! That would rule. But then again it's kinda the same thing, I can't skate for shit - but I look cool carrying one around, ha,ha..

2008 saw you performing again with Wednesday 13 - how did you find it returning to the guitar player role rather than frontman slot?

Acey Slade

There are pro's and con's to both. I mean if you are the front man - then generaly it's YOUR music and it takes way more out of you live. Just being 'the guitarist' has way less stress, but there isn't the same 'artistic' gratification. And people steal way less of your clothes as the guitarist. I don't know. I mean even when I'm playing guitar, I'm more of a frontman then the frontman anyway. I just don't have to come up with stage raps.

The UK is on the horizon this summer.... what are you most looking forward to about that? Have the other band members been before?

Yes it is! What am I most looking forward to? Well, I don't want to give away any surprises,'s going to be fuckin' nuts, ha,ha..I can't wait to let the cat out of the bag, but we need to tie up some loose ends first. The other guys have all been on tours, but not a tour like the one we are about to do, I don't think anyone ever has, ha,ha...just wait and see!

Anything else you wanna add...............

Nothing's gonna change, if you don't make a change!

Acey and his band will be touring the UK in May.
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